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Southwold RFC Club Rules

  1. The Club shall be called "Southwold Rugby Football Club".
  2. The Club shall be affiliated to The Rugby Football Union, The Eastern Counties Rugby Union and The Suffolk Rugby Union.
  3. The Playing Laws to be those of The Rugby Football Union.
  4. Southwold Rugby Football Club is a Limited Company registered at Companies House - Company Number 7099664.
  5. The rules of Southwold Rugby Football Club are subject to the 'Articles of Association' of Southwold RFC Ltd. as an approved company limited by guarantee, and are complementary to them.
  6. Directors of Southwold Rugby Football Club Ltd. shall be the Club President, Chairman, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer & Chairman of the Pavillion Sub-Committee.
  7. Directors will delegate the day-to-day management of Southwold RFC Ltd to the Executive Committee of Southwold RFC.
  8. The day to day management of the Club shall be the responsibility of an Executive Committee consisting of 7 Officers:
  9. The Club Chairman, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasure; and Co-ordinators of the playing, Social, Marketing & Pavillion Sub-Committees.Four to form quorium.
  10. The Co-ordinators of the 4 sub-committees shall co-opt members as necessary to sit on sub-committees.
  11. All Directors & Officers of the Club to be elected at The Annual General Meeting (of which fourteen days notice must be given).
  12. The President shall be elected at The AGM.
  13. The President shall receive the papers for and be entitled to attend Committee Meetings.The President to Chair the AGM and General Meetings.
  14. An independent examiner of the club accounts shall be appointed at the AGM each year.
  15. Nominations for all officers to be made in writing seven days prior to the AGM, proposed and seconded (with the consent of the nominee) and sent to The Secretary.
  16. The Committee to have the power to appoint Vice-Presidents Captains.
  17. A General Meeting of the Club may be called at any time by The Committee or by ten members making a written request to The Club Secretary not less than four weeks before such a meeting, stating the reason for which it is summoned.
  18. Alterations to these rules shall be made at the AGM or General Meeting.
  19. Proposed alterations shall be submitted in writing to The Club Secretary not less than four weeks before such a meeting.
  20. The Committee shall have the power to fix subscriptions for all members and Match Fees.
  21. The period of membership covered by the Annual Subscription is 1st August to 31st July and until paid up, the priviledges of membership do not apply.
  22. All donations and subscriptions to be submitted to The Treasurer who shall be responsible for all financial matters.
  23. A sum subject to the discretion of The Treasurer and the Committee may be awarded as a form of honorarium to off set administrative costs of Committee members.
  24. Guests players to be permitted to play for the Club on payment of Match Fees, but after four games under this rule a player shall be liable for Annual Subscriptions.
  25. Selection of teams to be entrusted to a Selection Committee.
  26. Members to wear team colours (Black and Gold) on all occasions when playing for The Club.
  27. The purchase for The Club and supply of liquor shall be exclusively controlled by The Committe.
  28. The permitted hours for the sale of intoxicating liquor shall be as laid down in accordance with the Licensing Regulations in force.
  29. No person under the age of eighteen years shall be served or permitted to consume intoxicating liquor on The Club Premises.
  30. There shall be admitted to The Club prmises in addition to members, at the discretion of The Committee:
  31. (a) persons who on the day of their admission to Club premises have played or who have been selected to play or have acted or have been selected to act as reserve players, referees or touch judges, or other officials to any Rugby Football match organised or sponsored by The Club;(b) persons who are members of any other Club affiliated to The Rugby Union and with which The Club custmarily plays Rugby Footbal matches;(c) former playing members of The Club ordinarily resident more than ten miles from the Club premises;(d) the guests of such persons as referred to in sub-paragraphs (a), (b) and (c);(e) persons attending functions authorised and supervised by The Club for the purposes of raising money for The Club;(f) persons attending functions authorised and supervised by The Club, but organised by another Club or Organisation who hire the premises for a fee providing that with respect to fuctions under sub-paragraphs (e) and (f) of this Rule, liquor may not be purchased by persons other than those referred to in sub-paragraphs (a), (b), (c) and (d), at more than twelvefunctions in any year.Subject to any conditions that may be imposed by The Licensing Authority, any such person are referred to in sub-paragraphs a), (b), (c), (d), (e) and (f) of this Rule may purchase from The Club intoxicating liquor for consumption by themselves and their guests during the permitted hours.
  32. If The Club shall pass in a General Meeting a resolution to dissolve The Club, the Committee or elect Caretaker Committee shall immediately take steps to convert all of the assets into money.
  33. The proceeds of such conversion and any cash and bank balances shall be used to discharge all debts and liabilities of The Club.Any residual balances shall be donated to the Southwold Sports Development Association.
  34. The Committee have the power to deal with anything not provided for in these rules.
  35. Any members of associate of Southwold Rugby Football Cludd caught pilfering from the property or funds of The Club shall be automatically reported to the relevant authorities.